Monday, July 16, 2012

Fitness Journey...really a better me journey

Lately things have really calmed down in my life and I've found myself really reflecting on what I want and how I'm going to achieve it. This has caused me to go on a growth journey. I want to be a better person. Don't get me wrong I feel like i'm a wonderful person, I am happy but lately ( after all the dust has settled from getting married, getting a house and starting grad school) I fell the need to really reconnect with myself. Soo...this being said, I'm staring a journey to grow as a person. My plans are to lose weight, smile more, appreciate all the small moments in life and ultimately to be more present in my own life. So many times I feel like I'm there but not really present and because of that I feel like I'm missing out. So, tomorrow I plan on posting my starting weight, measurements and all that and developing a plan that focuses on things in my life that I want to work on. Im so blessed and I don't want to miss out on the happiness it all brings because I'm stuck in my own head. If anyone has any suggests or opinions that can help it would be greatly appreciated :)

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  1. These sound like great goals! Sometimes in life we have to evaluate ourselves and make adjustments. It's a part of life! Best of luck to you on this journey!!